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Şimdi Eylem Zamanı

İngiltere’de BDPS ve KRS‘nin kaldırılması için çalışan PositiveMoney isimli güzel bir hareket var. Maalesef Türkiye’mizde yazarlarıyla, çizerleriyle ve aydınlarıyla toplumda BDPS ve KRS karşısında farkındalık/şuur oluşturma konusunda çabalar çok yetersiz düzeyde. Bu konuda şuurlandırma çalışmaları yapmak gerekiyor. Gençlerimiz, evlatlarımız ve torunlarımız için.

Her hafta BDPS ve KRS‘yi ve yıkıcı etkilerini en az 10 kişiye anlatıyor ve onların da en az 10 kişiye anlatmalarını istiyor musunuz?

Positive Money tarafından “We need to act now” yani “Şimdi Eylem Zamanı” şeklinde oluşturulan sayfayı aşağıda paylaşıyorum.

Selam sevgi ve saygılarımla

B. Gültekin Çetiner

Positive Money
Dear Prof.,The situation in Europe is becoming more serious and acute – in Greece the health care system is crumbling now under the weight of the crisis – but from our politicians and mainstream media we still hear the same old ideas… Anyone who understands how our money is created sees that there is nothing being done to solve the crisis and we are led by them into even greater problems. 

Now we need to spread the word more vocally and faster! We need to reach a critical mass of people who understand as quickly as possible. Don’t hold back, get involved too!

1) Organize a Screening of “97% Owned” Documentary

This is the most relevant documentary to the situation we are in.
This is what the politicians should be discussing. Let’s make this happen!

Organizing a screening is also a good way to help your friends get interested and understand. Do your friends switch off when you try to talk to them about money?  This film will help! It is an eye-opener for many people. Organize a screening, invite your friends, invite others who might be interested – tips and steps here:

This way you can also help us get more people to sign up to our website. You may use this simple little tool – Here is a template email signup form which you can print off for the event.

Here is a list of upcoming screenings.

2) Local media are more open to our message, let’s take advantage of it!

Are you a blogger? Writer? Or perhaps a journalist? Local media seem to be more and more open to publish the articles about the flaws in our money and banking system.

A couple of articles/letters from our supporters were published recently, eg. in Kidderminster Shuttle, many times in Newcastle journal and again, in Herald Scotland

Help us spread the word. In many cases you can mention the Positive Money campaign, sometimes they even publish the website.

When writing, these quotes from the Bank of England officials can be very helpful, or this one from Professor David Miles, Monetary Policy Committee, Bank of England:
“The way monetary economics and banking is taught in many – maybe most – universities is very misleading…”

3) Our Annual report is out

Our most recent annual report, covering our second year (June 2011-May 2012) is available (as PDF):

Read here

4) Upcoming Events:

Thu 21 June, Birmingham, “97% Owned” Documentary Screening

Mon 25 June , Richmond (North Yorks): “97% Owned” Screening

Mon 25 Jun,  Sheffield Positive Money Meetup

Tue 26 June, London: “97% Owned” Documentary – Cast and Crew Screening

Tue 26 June, Brighton, Talk “How Money is Created?”

Sun 1 July, London: “97% Owned” Documentary Screening

5) Latest from the Blog:

Regulate Banks or Go for the Two Account System?

Banking System at the Root of Spanish Crisis

Reforming the Banking System for Good

The Truth about the Recession – by David Mitchell (video)

How to Make Banks Socially Useful (video)

The Instant Solution to the New Depression: Debt-free Money

Best wishes,
Mira, Drew and Ben





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